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Puzzle 3041 Team Building activities

Puzzle 3041 introduces The New Team Building Activity, one of the most effective team building exercises ever created! Researches have shown that escape rooms are one of the best activities for Team building!

Enhance your team bonding through the power of play! A method designed to improve company’s efficiency, enhance social relations and define roles within teams.

Here on Puzzle 3041 we provide you with the unique experience of escape rooms. Difficult and challenging rooms but highly possible to escape from them, when all members of the team work together demonstrating a group spirit!

Give the opportunity to your staff for an experience that will be remembered around the office for a long time! Let them practice and analyze their skills in communication, organization, critical thinking, logic and creativity under high pressure to find the clues and escape the room.

The perfect product, the best marketing or the best machines means nothing without teamwork!

Our Puzzles are designed to give you the absolute entertainment and at the same time enhance the team spirit!

Find the name of your team and send us your request to arrange your private team-building now!

  • Able to host multiple teams of six in our place.
  • Able to organize a full day event.
  • Able to setup an outside unique activity
  • Able to come to your place for a day full of activities.

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